»Be yourself, everyone else is already taken«

Stage and Performance Coaching

More than 25 years of stage experience has led Amber to be an expert on stage & performing.

Amber combines her own experience, from very big stages and to intimate performances, with the Stage & Performance Techniques she studied in the Netherlands.

This leads to a clear method for everybody who wants to stand out in public speaking or singing.
May it be for a meeting, an inspirational talk or a big concert.

The technique is for 'vocal' or the 'rhetorical' stage performance. For the business professional as well as the singer/performer.

The Stage & Performance Techniques are designed to get to the core of who you are.
Your body, your voice, and your use of authenticity and space.

With this core strength we can transform into any role or deliver any content.
Inspiring, touching and motivating others is possible for everyone.

As well her coaching to become better stage performers, Amber also works as a life coach.

Amber is a coach at the UdK Berlin-musical/show and for professional singers and business professionals.
She has performed on many stages such as Friedrichstadt-Palast, Theater des Westens, Gärtnerplatztheater, Deutsche Oper, Musical Dome.


You are a singer who enjoys the stage, but you want to go further than where you are now. Either to learn new techniques or a master class, to get new input or get reflection and help on dealing with Showbusiness!

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You are a business professional and you know that in these times it is even more necessary to present yourself in a way that inspires and motivates others. You want to be able to deliver any content before an audience, with confidence and natural flow. There are three modules to choose from to help you develop your rhetorical talents.

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