Stage and performance coaching as a singer/performer

»The best gift to yourself, is to let someone teach you«

A coaching for professional singers.
Because to give on stage, it's important to get creative input.
Something we don't get very often in the 'working' field.

Especially singers often get stuck in either singing techniques, forms we picked up or things we were pushed into.
Along the way you can lose touch with yourself. 

Usually you have the essential technical singing lessons on one side and the song interpretation lessons on the other side.

Amber teaches the gap between the two.
Her Stage & Performance techniques are the bridge that makes the connection between the voice, the performer, the material, the stage and the audience.

-Because we sing what can’t be spoken-


With the stage & performance techniques we we combine these tools:

VOICE the carrier of emotion and tone
BODY your physical instrument
SPACE the rules of space, stage and projection

With these modules:

  • Emotional training of the voice and sound
  • The scales of the body
  • Lines in space
  • Rules of projection and force fields
  • Rhythm and phrasing



As well as working with singers to become better stage performers, Amber also works as a life coach.
To be a singer/performer you are working with yourself. You are your own 'material'.

This is a difficult factor because you cannot just 'walk away' from your work. It can become very personal.
As everything is seen on stage, it is really important to know who you are, what (show) business is like.

How you as a person can take advantage of opportunities, but also deal with the obstacles that come your way when working in the industry.

I am here to reflect and guide the singers, to see what situation they are in, how to deal with personal insecurities, group dynamics and personal preparation on and off stage.


Just send me a message and start with a chat!

Each session is 50 min
Pricing per session 120€ ex VAT
For students it’s 75€ ex VAT

We’ll be working from Berlin or Amsterdam.
An open space will be booked, where we can work in a nice one-on-one environment.

Most importantly, I will be working with you and who you are. No tricks, but techniques

Just send me a message
let’s start with a chat